Yii framework multiselect dropdown



echo CHtml::dropDownList('MtGetintouch[mt_location_id][]', explode(",",$model->mt_location_id), $location_list_arr,array('empty'=>'Select Locaction Name','multiple'=>'multiple'));

Getintouch Controller
Both in actionUpdate / actionCreate methods

$_POST['MtGetintouch']['mt_location_id'] = implode(",",$_POST['MtGetintouch']['mt_location_id']);

Display Comma Separated locations value in Gridview

public function getLocations($id)
$ids= explode(",",$id);
foreach($ids as $key=>$val){
$data = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()->select ('GROUP_CONCAT(location_name) as locations')->from('mt_location')->where(array('in','mt_location_id',$ids))->queryRow();
return $data["locations"];



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